Love in the Sky was created in 2007 by Toni Castells with the intention of bringing together a group of young and emerging artists and make them collaborate in trying to capture the essence of LOVE through an image.

Love in the Sky launched successfully on the 30th of June of 2009 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London,

thanks to funding from the Lottery Fund and in collaboration with Nina Rennie-Gustard from Nueluxe.

Participating artists were Colin Barnes, Matt Black, Rudy de Belgeonne, Johnny Blue Eyes, Nigel Burnett Hodd, Ned Conran, Liz Dalton, Goldie, Gary Harvey, Eleanor Lyndsay-Finn, Max Lowry, Bruno Maag, Munir Malik, Hoda Mazloomian, Natalie Meyjes, Ben Moore, Jody Norbury, Paul Persky, Dan Prescott, Petroc Sesti, Sara Shamsavari, Baccara Smart, Stedhead, Zak Walters, Leah Wood, Ada Zanditon.

The works of art the artists created, always in collaboration, were auctioned on the night by ex-Sotheby's and Christie's Auctioneer Terence Rodriguez on benefit of Coram, a charity who's been providing better chances for underprivileged children since 1739, raising in excess of £8,000.

Love in the Sky aims to collaborate with cultural organizations, art institutions, artists and charities around the world

to take Love in the Sky to cities such as New York, Shanghai, Jerusalem, Teheran, Tokyo and Mumbai.

For any queries please contact us on

"Love in the Sky" launch event at the ICA promotional video (© Love in the Sky 2010)